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Early childhood education at the BMBWF

Department I/4 – Early childhood education, social pedagogy and preschool integration” was established in July 2018 and focuses on the following areas:

Coordination and implementation of the agreement pursuant to Article 15a B-VG on early childhood education

Coordinating and ensuring implementation of the aspects of the agreement pursuant to Article 15a of the Federal Constitutional Law (B-VG) between the Federal Government and the federal states on early childhood education for the 2018/19 to 2021/22 kindergarten years is a priority for the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, which has overall responsibility for the programme.

In particular, support for language development, the teaching of values, the interface between kindergarten and school, and staff training are areas that need to be strengthened in order to achieve the desired objectives: children should gain an understanding of successful social interaction and a knowledge of German as early as possible.

For more information, please visit Agreement pursuant to Article 15a B-VG on early childhood education 

Preschool integration and intercultural education in early childhood education institutions

Legal, organisational and educational measures are designed to ensure the optimal teaching of values to support early childhood development.

Early childhood education institutions should be more clearly recognised as children’s first education institutions, which are essential for language acquisition and thus the integration process. All children – regardless of whether or not they have a migration background – should be supported individually and to the best possible extent from the outset in order for them to have the same opportunities to participate.

Training at training institutes

All educational, content and vocational matters are taught at the Training Institutes for Early Childhood Education, Training Institutes for Social Pedagogy and at the new College for Teaching Assistant Careers.

The development and diversification of early childhood education and social pedagogy as a profession will ensure high-quality training of trainee kindergarten teachers and social pedagogues, and will introduce a new training programme for teaching assistants that is standardised throughout Austria.