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Contact point and contact persons

General inquiries directly to:
Please enclose appropriate documents in order to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Online application:
Applications can only be submitted online.

Information AAIS (PDF)
Without profession-related advisory function.

Personal contact: Only by prior appointment with the contact person

Your contact persons


Dr. Heinz Kasparovsky
T +43 1 53120-5920
General Affairs
Austrian-related topics, Vatican

Mag. Ingrid Wadsack-Köchl
T +43 1 53120-5925
Area: South Tyrol Center | Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy | Asia


Mag. Hannah Aichner
T +43 1 53120-5930
Area: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, German-speaking Countries, Greece, Hungary

Mag. Patricia Böchtrager
T +43 1 53120-5922
Area: Portugal, Slovakia, Spain | Arabic-speaking Countries

Mag. Simone Gruber
T +43 1 53120-5924
Area: Russian Federation

Elisabeth Tschokert
T +43 1 53120-5921
Use of academic degrees | Authenticity of documents | Confirmations for South Tyrol

Roland Steinbach
T +43 1 53120-5923

Mag. Tatjana Baranowskaja
T +43 1 53120-5929
Area: GUS Countries (except Russian Federation)

Mag. Katrin Forstner, BA MA
T +43 1 53120-5926
Area: Baltic Countries, Finland, Iran| Central and South America

Carina Rohmeis, BA
T +43 1 53120-5931
Area: Benelux, Turkey | Africa

Dr. Victoria E. Tschiedl
T +43 1 53120-5927
Bereich: Western and Northern Europe, Malta, Poland, Romania | Northern America

Dr. Theresia Wakounig
T +43 1 53120-5928
Area: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia | Australia and Oceania

Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Unit IV/13
Teinfaltstraße 8
A-1010 Wien
T +43 1 53120 + extension number of the person in charge
F +43 1 53120-99-5920


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