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Specific Topics on Recognition

Here you will find many detailed recommendations to single matters on recognition, which are asked frequently.


Academic degrees, Use (PDF, 153 KB), Academic Degrees (selection), Use of (in German only) (PDF, 1 MB)
Armenia, Recognition (PDF, 254 KB)
Australia, Admission (PDF, 110 KB)
Austrian Schools abroad (PDF, 97 KB)
Azerbaidjan, Recognition (PDF, 137 KB)


Centre of interest of living (PDF, 114 KB)
Change of universities (PDF, 94 KB)
China, Admission (PDF, 117 KB)
China, Recognition (PDF, 119 KB)
Czechia, Recognition (PDF, 153 KB)


ECTS Execution (PDF, 106 KB)
European Baccalaureate (PDF, 90 KB)


Foreign secondary school leaving certificates (PDF, 130 KB)
France, Recognition (PDF, 335 KB)


Germany, Recognition (PDF, 125 KB)

Germany, Recognition of Language Certificates (PDF, 208 KB)
Grading systems (PDF, 80 KB)


Institute for Higher Studies in Vienna (PDF, 89 KB)
Institutions of post-secondary education Austria
International Anti-Corruption Academy (PDF, 81 KB)
International Baccalaureate (PDF, 123 KB)
Italy, Teacher training colleges (PDF, 101 KB)


Joint degree/diploma programmes (PDF, 163 KB)


Legalization list for higher education (PDF, 212 KB)
Legalization of Austrian higher education documents (PDF, 67 KB)
Lisbon, General recommendation (PDF, 412 KB)
Luxembourg, Recognition (PDF, 91 KB)


Poland, Recognition (PDF, 812 KB)


Refugees, Validation for Medicine (PDF, 100 KB)
Russian Federation, Admission (PDF, 85 KB)


Slovakia, Recognition (PDF, 141 KB)
Substantial differences (PDF, 123 KB)
Switzerland, Recognition (PDF, 120 KB)
Syria, Admission (PDF, 72 KB)


Temporal scope of application for the recognition of an educational institution (PDF, 84 KB)
Turkey, Admission (PDF, 109 KB)


United Kingdom, Admission (PDF, 104 KB)
United States, Advanced Placement (PDF, 117 KB)
United States, Assessment (PDF, 111 KB)
United States, Recognition (general) (PDF, 122 KB)
United States, Recognition (teacher training programs) (PDF, 129 KB)


Validation, Equivalence, term (PDF, 91 KB)
Validation, Prerequisites (PDF, 91 KB)
Vienna School of International Studies (PDF, 97 KB)