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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – as at: 6th April 2020

Information and recommendations for students, members of staff and researchers

Coronavirus (COVID-19): FAQ on legal issues (state aid, education law)

What happens if there is a suspected/confirmed case at your institution

The same general rules apply as for any other notifiable infectious disease. The local health authorities (municipal authority, i.e. Bezirkshauptmannschaft or Magistrat) will decide on further measures to be taken. The institution is obliged to follow the instructions of local health authorities and to assist them in implementing the prescribed actions.
The following document contains instructions on the course of action to be taken if someone at your institution has or is suspected to have coronavirus. Most importantly, who must be contacted and informed by whom and when?

Checklist of recommendations for institutions

General recommendations for periods abroad

In all its recommendations relating to periods abroad, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research follows the specific country recommendations of the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs (BMEIA). (in German)
It is generally recommended that Austrians who are spending a period of time abroad register at the following link: BMEIA: Travel registration – for trips abroad and short stays.

As soon as you have registered, you can and will be contacted in an emergency by the relevant embassy. People who are currently in affected countries should contact the competent Austrian representation authority (Austrian embassy, consulate general) so that the embassy has the relevant contact data.

Interruption of a current or cancellation of a planned study/research period abroad

Please contact the international office at your home university and – if you are receiving a grant/scholarship from the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) – the Austrian Exchange Service at

Information on mobility funding from the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD)

In general, mobility programmes will continue to be funded as before. Participants have the option to cancel current stays (outgoing) or upcoming stays in or from affected countries (incoming and outgoing). Under certain circumstances (e.g. costs not reimbursed by travel cancellation insurance), any costs incurred may be claimed from the Austrian Exchange Service on the basis of cancellation due to force majeure provided that evidence of these costs is submitted. The Austrian university or research institution will decide whether to cancel periods abroad in consultation with the individuals involved and the partner institutions. 

Student accommodation

There is currently no legal reason to terminate accommodation contracts that have already been concluded. In the case of guests who have visited affected areas within the last 14 days, the precautionary recommendations made by the Ministry of Health should be followed.

Central contact points for all important information about the coronavirus