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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – as at: 14th March 2020

Information and recommendations for schools

What happens when there is a suspected/confirmed case at the school

The same general rules apply as for any other notifiable infectious disease. The local health authorities (municipal authority, i.e. Bezirkshauptmannschaft or Magistrat) will decide on further measures to be taken. The school is obliged to follow the instructions of local health authorities and to assist them in implementing the prescribed actions. 

Checklists for use in schools with a suspected case of coronavirus

Preparation for a suspected case at the school 

Recommendations for preparing for a suspected case at the school (PDF, 58 KB)

Information letter for parents/guardians if there is a suspected case at the school 

This letter is intended to be handed out to parents/guardians if there is a suspected case in a school. It is designed to help headteachers (Schulleiter) and their colleagues to communicate with parents/guardians. Parents and guardians have a right to be directly informed by the school about the course of action and how those responsible are working together in the event of an outbreak.

Letter to parents available to download 

Central contact points for all important information about the coronavirus