The PROVISO FP7 project (2007-2014)

For FP 7 and previous EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, the PROVISO project provided assistance to Austrian ministries and delegates involved in research policy at national, European and international level with its monitoring of participation in these programmes.

PROVISO was funded by all Austrian Federal ministries with research responsibilities:

Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research (bmbwf),

Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism (bmnt),

Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit).

The project contractor was the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).

PROVISO provided the following services:

  • Harmonisation and standardisation European Commission data to establish a compatible user-friendly data base and information infrastructure
  • Visualisation of data and information 
  • Continuous surveying and comprehensive monitoring of Austrian participation in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development

The data was structured and presented in a number of different types of publications.

PROVISO published a biannual report on the Austria´s performance of Austria in the 7th Framework Programme - which contained standard analyses illustrating Austria's positions with regard to participation in the EU Framework Programme in a national and an international context. In addition, the Report focused on current issues and topics on demand.

PROVISO analyses were used as a basis to develop national positions concerning the EU-Framework Programmes. 

Bilateral and multilateral cooperation of Austrian researchers with partners from other participating countries were also evaluated regularly (e.g. on the occasion of state visits).

Proviso publications  (mostly in German).

The current monitoring project for Horizon 2020 and the European Research Area is the EU Performance Monitoring for RTI. It is carried out by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). Like its predecessor, the Proviso project, it is commissioned jointly by BMBWF, BMVIT and BMNT.