Contact point and contact persons

Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Unit VI/7
Teinfaltstraße 8
A-1010 Wien
T +43 1 53120 + extension number of the person in charge
F +43 1 53120/99/5920


Without profession-related advisory function.
Visiting hours: By appointment only.

We prefer email inquiries including all relevant documents. Emails give us the possibilty to research and answer your questions as soon as possible and as detailed as necessary.

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Your contact persons




Dr. Heinz Kasparovsky
T +43 1 53120-5920

General Affairs;
Austrian-related topics

Mag. Ingrid Wadsack-Köchl
T +43 1 53120-5925

Area: South Tyrol Center, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Turkey; Asia



Mag. Tatjana Baranowskaja
T +43 1 53120-5929

Area: Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine

Mag. Patricia Böchtrager
T +43 1 53120-5922

Area: Syria, Hungary/2

Mag. Katrin Forstner, BA MA
T +43 1 53120-5926

Liaison officer AST – NARIC
Area: Baltic states, Hungary/1, Portugal, Spain; Central and South America

Mag. Simone Gruber
T +43 1 53120-5924

Area: GUS-states (excl. Belarus and Ukraine)

Mag. Ingrid Hirschfeld
T +43 1 53120-5923

Area: Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, Switzerland,
Slovakia; Africa; Iran, Israel; Australia and Oceania

Caroline Novak
T +43 1 53120-7843


Mag. Amira Pfeisinger
T +43 1 53120-5999

Area: Arab speaking countries (excl. Syria)

Carina Rohmeis, BA
T +43 1 53120-5930

Area: Benelux, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece

Dr. Victoria E. Tschiedl
T +43 1 53120-5927

Area: Northern Europe, France,
Poland, Romania; Northern America

Elisabeth Tschokert
T +43 1 53120-5921

Use of academic degrees;
Authenticity of documents;
South Tyrol confirmations

Dr. Theresia Wakounig
T +43 1 53120-5928

Area: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia