General recommendations concerning recognition


Academic degrees, registration in documents PDF (73 KB)
Academic recognition, Lisbon Recognition Convention
Admission Australia – Recommendation
Admission China – Recommendation PDF (29 KB)
Admission, Decree on Groups of Persons, schools abroad PDF (33 KB)
Admission European Baccalaureate PDF 2 Pages)
Admission, foreign secondary school leaving certificates – Recommendation
(PDF, 6 Pages)

Admission, International Baccalaureate (PDF, 4 Pages)
Admission, Lisbon Recognition Convention, substantial differences
Admission, Syria PDF (8 KB)
Admission Russian Federation – Recommendation 
Admission Turkey – Recommendation 
Admission United Kingdom – Recommendation (PDF, 3 Pages)
Admission United States (PDF, 5 Pages)
Advanced Placement – Recommendation (PDF, 5 Pages)
Assessment United States (PDF, 3 Pages)
Armenia, recognition
Austria, Change of university, recognition (PDF, 4 Pages)  
Australia, admission 
Austria, institutions of post-secondary education Austria
Austria, recognition 
Austrian schools abroad (PDF, 1 Page)
Azerbaijan, recognition  


British secondary school leaving certificates 


Change of university, recognition (PDF, 4 Pages)
Centre of interest of living (PDF, 3 Pages)
China, admission PDF (29 KB)
China, recognition 
City University New York, recognition (General)
City University New York, recognition (Teacher Training Programs)


Decree on Groups of Persons, Centre of interest living (PDF, 3 Pages)
Decree on Groups of Persons, schools abroad 


ECTS Execution
European Baccalaureate (PDF, 2 Pages)


Foreign documents, legalization
Foreign grading Systems (PDF, 1 Page) 
Foreign secondary school leaving certificates, Admission (6 Pages) 
France, recognition  


Germany, recognition 
Grading systems (PDF, 1 Page)


Institute for Higher Studies in Vienna (PDF, 1 Page)
Institutions of post-secondary education Austria
Institutions of post-secondary education, temporal scope of application (PDF, 2 Pages)
Interest of living, centre (PDF, 3 Pages) 
International Anti-Corruption Academy (PDF 1 Page)
International assignment of levels of study 
International Baccalaureate (PDF, 4 Pages)
Italy, teacher training colleges 


Joint degree programmes (PDF, 15 Page)


Legalization list for higher education (PDF, 14 Page)
Levels of study, international assignment 
Lisbon Convention – General recommendation 
Lisbon Convention – Recommendation on substantial differences (PDF, 7 Page) 
Luxembourg, recognition 


Orthopedagogical professions, Schools (PDF, 1 Page) 

Poland, recognition 
Prerequisites for Validation (PDF, 2 Pages)


Recognition Armenia – Recommendation 
Recognition Austria – Recommendation (PDF, 4 Pages) 
Recognition Azerbaijan – Recommendation 
Recognition China – Recommendation 
Recognition, foreign grading systems (PDF, 1 Page)
Recognition France – Recommendation 
Recognition Germany – Recommendation 
Recognition Luxembourg – Recommendation 
Recognition Poland – Recommendation 
Recognition Slovakia – Recommendation 
Recognition Switzerland – Recommendation 
Recognized institutions of post-secondary education, temporal scope of application (PDF, 2 Pages) 
Refugees, validation for Medicine (PDF, 2 Pages)
Registration guidelines for academic degrees 
Russian Federation, admission 


Schools abroad – List (PDF 2 Pages)
Schools for orthopedagogical professions (PDF, 1 Page)
Slovakia, recognition 
Substantial differences, Lisbon Recognition Convention (PDF, 7 Page)
Switzerland, recognition 
Syria, admission PDF (8 KB)


Teacher Training Colleges 
Temporal scope of application (PDF, 2 Page)
Term for Validation (PDF, 2 Pages)
Turkey, admission 


United Kingdom, admission (PDF, 3 Pages)
United States, Advanced Placement Program (PDF, 5 Pages)
United States, Assessment (PDF, 3 Pages)
United States, City University, recognition (general) (PDF, 5 Pages) 
United States, City University, recognition (Teacher Training Programs) (PDF, 4 Pages)


Validation, equivalence, term (PDF, 2 Pages)
Validation for Medicine, refugees (PDF, 2 Pages)
Validation, prerequisites (PDF, 2 Pages)
Vienna School of International Studies (2 Pages)