How is the validation procedure?

Validation means an administrative procedure with a university or university of applied sciences, respectively, which is bound to certain prerequisites.

Who can apply for validation?

The applicants must offer proof that the validation is a necessary (See: "Which documents must be submitted?") prerequisite the professional activity which he/she intends to exercise. In all other cases it lies with the employer to validate the applicant‘s studies abroad.

Where do you apply for validation?

A person may apply for validation at any Austrian university or university of applied sciences, respectively, which offers comparable studies, which means several institutions in many cases. Where the person submits his/her application is his/her choice. The same application for validation, however, can be submitted only to one institution.

Which documents must be submitted?

  • Passport;
  • Proof of the status of the foreign university or other institution of post-secondary education;
  • Detailed documents on the foreign studies, such as curriculum, transcript, study guide, examination certificates, scientific research papers, leaving certificates, …;
  • A document evidencing that the studies have been completed and the academic degree has been awarded;
  • Proof that the validation is a necessary (regulated by law, or generally statuted by an employer) prerequisite to exercise a certain profession;
  • Declaration on the professional activity which is intended by the applicant.

All documents must be submitted either in the original or in attested copies; the diploma document always in the original. Documents in languages other than German must be accompanied by certified German translations. All foreign documents must be legalised, provided that this is required by international agreements. – We recommend that before submitting their application applicants contact the competent authority (see above) to make sure that the required documents are complete

What does validation cost?

At present, the validation fee is EUR 150,- and has to be paid in advance. In addition there are some administrative fees and duties.

What does the validation procedure involve?

The criteria of the validation procedure are the content, scope and requirements of comparable Austrian studies. If individual requirements are not met, validation can be made dependent upon certain conditions: applicants may be required to attend as auditing students certain classes and take certain examinations prescribed by the respective Austrian cur¬riculum. If the applicant meets all additional requirements or if no requirements have been prescribed, the competent authority (see above) declares the foreign degree/diploma validated on the basis of a written decision.

If a validation is not possible...

..., because the differences between the foreign and the Austrian studies are too big, the person can apply for admission to studies in Austria and, after being admitted, apply for the recognition of those examinations taken abroad which are equivalent to Austrian ones. Then, the person can continue and complete his/her studies in Austria.