What does validation mean?

Validation is the conversion of a foreign university degree into a corresponding (bachelor's, master's, diploma or doctor's) Austrian one by the organ in charge of study affairs at a university or university of applied sciences, respectively.

This means the complete equivalence of the two degrees, the right to use the respective Austrian academic degree and all the rights connected with its use. This relates in particular to the entitlement to exercise a profession for which in Austria an academic degree is required.

If, for instance, a person wants to exercise the profession of a medical doctor he/she must furnish evidence, among other things, that he/she has successfully completed the studies of medicine in Austria, that he/she is entitled to exercise the relevant profession on the basis of EU law, or that his/her studies completed abroad have been validated in Austria as being equivalent to Austrian studies.

Within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland the access to a number of academic professions is regulated by special directives which make it possible for members these states to take up a profession without any further requirements. In such cases validation is no longer neither necessary nor possible.

Neither is a validation necessary for admission to further studies.