Austrian Center

The Austrian Center in Olomouc was founded in 2013. The focus is on the research of the “Arbeitsstelle für deutschmährische Literatur”, which works on German-Moravian literature as a part of the Austrian cultural and literary tradition. It presents its results to the public (books, electronic archive, database of German-Moravian authors, Translation into the Czech language, exhibitions, lectures, radio
transmissions, etc.).

Part of the curriculum of the German studies at the Olomouc University are the lectures on German-Moravian and Austrian history of literature and culture. Many students also work at the “Arbeitsstelle” and write their theses on topics related
to specific aspects of the German-Moravian or Austrian literature.

Prof.Dr. Ingeborg Fiala-Fürst
Mgr. Soňa Černá

der Palacky-Univeristät Olmütz
Krizkovského 10
CZ-77200 Olomouc