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As cross-cutting issues, gender equality and diversity management are central pillars of the BMBWF’s management tools. The specific tasks are based on existing national and European agreements with a high degree of obligation due to legal requirements. The Admin./1: Gender Equality and Diversity Management department fulfils these tasks along the entire education chain as follows:

The Working Group for Equality Issues at the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) (in German only) is established in accordance with the Federal Equal Treatment Act (Bundes-Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) and deals with all issues relating to equal treatment and the promotion of women at the Ministry.

Guide to gender-neutral language

The BMBWF’s language guide (PDF, 176 KB) (Sprachleitfaden, in German only) contains guidance on how to communicate in gender-neutral language that includes both women and men.

“These mandatory guidelines are aimed at all staff throughout the Ministry – both those in the Central Office and employees in all subordinate departments as defined in the 2002 circular.”