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Teaching worldwide

The aim of the international mobility programmes of the BMBWF's Worldwide Teaching initiative (Weltweit unterrichten) is to teach about the Austrian language and culture in schools abroad and to promote cultural and professional exchange between schools, teachers and school students worldwide. Both teachers and students have the opportunity to gain experience abroad in other school systems and to obtain insights into everyday school life in other countries. These placements abroad have a wide range of repercussions: 

Teacher education

Continuing professional development for Austrian teachers and trainers, intercultural experience, familiarity with other education systems, especially in the countries of origin of Austrian pupils who have come here from abroad


Linguistic support for Austrian school students abroad (especially in the case of placements to European schools), thus making for easier reintegration of the children on their return to Austria

Promoting multilingualism among teachers – good knowledge of a foreign language can be an advantage in bilingual teaching in Austria 

Development of a positive and more realistic image of Austria abroad by strengthening a pluricentric approach to German teaching (promotion of the Austrian variant of German) at educational institutions abroad

Internationalisation of the Austrian education landscape

Development of institutional partnerships and networks, initiation of school partnerships, development of school projects in an international context

Political aspects in the broadest sense

Through schools abroad in Guatemala, Mexico and Albania, the BMBWF makes a contribution to Austrian development cooperation.
In general, these placements – particularly those with a wider impact (education officers, teachers at Austrian schools abroad) – support Austria's international positioning.

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