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Vocational education

The EU Erasmus+ programme covers the areas of education, training, youth and sport and runs from 2014-2020.

Erasmus+ supports cross-border cooperation between institutions to improve vocational education and training in Europe. In addition to modernising and internationalising the participating organisations, the programme also strengthens the competitiveness of entire sectors. Every year, thousands of school students in initial vocational education, apprentices and vocational education staff travel to other European countries with Erasmus+ in order to learn or teach. 

  • Erasmus+ for school students in initial vocational education and apprentices (in German only): School students from vocational training institutions and apprentices are eligible for internships/work placements abroad. Students who do their internship/work experience abroad within one year of completing their education/training can also participate.
  • Erasmus+ for vocational education professionals (in German only): Teaching staff at vocational schools, trainers and other non-teaching staffcan take part in further training or teach in companies and vocational education institutions in programme countries. Teaching assignments and continuing vocational training in the form of internships, job shadowing and study visits are possible.
  • Erasmus+ for vocational education institutions and other bodies: Erasmus+ promotes cross-border cooperation between vocational education institutions and other bodies related to vocational education. The programme distinguishes between two different options:
    • Strategic partnerships (in German only): Partnerships between a minimum of three institutions from different countries with the aim of improving the quality of vocational education.
    • Sector skills alliances (in German only): Collaboration between education/training providers and the world of work to create new sector-specific or cross-sector courses and develop new methods of vocational education and training.

The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD GmbH) is the national agency with responsibility for implementing and administering the education component of Erasmus+. The National Agency for Erasmus+ Education at the Austrian Exchange Service (in German only) supports Erasmus+ in Austria and offers advice and information to applicants.