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Student advice

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) believes it is very important to provide students with the best possible advice, be this general information for prospective students about studying, or individual consultations and psychological support for current students.

Here is an overview of the main sources of student advice on offer. There are also relevant advisory services at the individual universities and from the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) which provide advice and practical support.

This psychological counselling for students is aimed both at prospective and current students. The provision available includes advice on choosing your studies, support for personal and course-related problems while studying and help during the final phase of your studies.
Information, advice and psychological or psychotherapeutic support can be provided face-to-face (in an individual or group setting depending on the issue) and sometimes also online (by email or chat session).
The above website provides information about ways of contacting advice services and about the advice on offer. You will also find answers to general psychological questions.

The BMBWF provides an ‘18plus. Work and study checker’ (in German) aimed at students in their last two years of academic secondary school (11th and 12th grade) and of college for higher vocational education (12th and 13th grade), and provides processes to support students while they choose their career or studies. The ‘checker’ is implemented by schools and teachers.
The website includes an area accessible to all, with information about the structure and content of this programme. There is also an area, for which you need a login, aimed at the teachers and employees at psychological advice services who implement the small group sessions in schools in the context of the 18plus programme. This area is used to arrange appointments, register, order materials and maintain master data.

The ‘Pathfinder’ (Wegweiser) questionnaire is closely associated with the programme. It is a module of the 18plus programme and is aimed at all participating students. The questionnaire is available through 18plus and through a dedicated website in order to make it as user-friendly as possible. The corporate design and structure of this dedicated site are similar to that of the 18plus website.

This platform brings together up-to-date information on all courses in Austria. It therefore lists courses at public and private universities, at universities of applied sciences and at university colleges of teacher education. By applying search and filter functions, you can obtain detailed information about particular options for studying.

Information on study programmes on offer at universities, as well as information which relates to everyday student life, can be found on Studiversum, the BMBWF’s digital student directory.

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