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Distance learning

The term ‘distance learning’ describes a special organisational form of studying designed to allow students to learn more or less whenever and wherever they want. Unlike attending classes at a university, distance learning enables students to achieve learning objectives primarily by self-study. This is associated with a higher degree of flexibility than other forms of study.

No courses taught fully by distance learning at public universities

Study materials are sent by post or made available digitally. Other features of a virtual university (e.g. virtual interaction with other students and lecturers) may also be provided. Higher education institutions provide information about their distance learning programmes on their websites. However, the legal framework of the Universities Act 2002 does not provide for courses at public universities to be taught fully by distance learning: at public universities, face-to-face teaching is a key organisational element of study programmes. However, classes may be offered that include elements of distance learning and digital learning environments (blended learning formats, learning platforms, MOOCS, learning videos, etc.).