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Quality management

QMS (Qualitätsmanagement Schule) is the quality management system which will apply to all types of school from the 2021/22 academic year. QMS’s paramount objective is to provide the best possible support for pupils’ learning and learning outcomes.

The quality framework for schools, which defines five quality criteria for good schools, forms the basis for QMS. It consists of four process dimensions (quality management, leading and oversight, learning and teaching, school partnership and external relations). The results of school educational and teaching work to be achieved are reflected in the results dimension (outcomes and effects). The quality framework is directed at school leadership teams, teachers, learners, school partners and the School Inspectorate and education authority.

QMS, the quality management system for all types of school, contains the following core features geared to the quality framework:

  • Development plans
  • Discussions to agree budgets and targets
  • Internal school evaluation
  •  External school evaluation

The School Inspectorate’s key responsibilities on the one hand include support for quality management implementation and on the other performance of regular quality control. Further information can be found under the “School Inspectorate” heading.