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Research statistics

Overview of the collection of statistical data and presentation of the results, done by Statistics Austria

Pursuant to the R&D Statistics Ordinance, Federal Law Gazette II/396/2003 as amended, Statistics Austria conducts a mandatory full survey every two years about the funding and conduct of research and experimental development (R&D) in all economic sectors in Austria. The surveyed units cover four sectors: universities, business enterprises, government, and private non-profit research institutions. These sectors are obligated to provide information. The methodological basis is the internationally valid Frascati Manual of the OECD (last updated in 2015).

Analogous to the international reporting obligations, there are detailed R&D results about odd survey years in each case. You can view the results on the Statistics Austria website.
In keeping with the R&D Statistics Ordinance cited above, Statistics Austria also arrives at a global estimate about the predicted gross domestic expenditures for R&D based on the budget data and the economic forecasts for the given current year. Research intensity, i.e. domestic R&D expenditures as a percentage of the nominal gross domestic product (GDP), is a politically relevant indicator that carries weight internationally. The R&D global estimate is published together with the evaluations of research-related appropriations of federal funds and the evaluations of the Federal Research Database in the annual Research and Technology Report (PDF, 4 MB) (in German only).


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