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Studies and publications magazine (in German only)

The magazine is published three times a year and focuses on specific topics that are of particular relevance to education planners, politicians, researchers, practitioners and teachers. The aim of the publication is to stimulate discussion between research and practice and thus function as a contemporary online platform for Austrian adult education.

Link: (magazine in German, some English content on the website)

Adult Education Survey

The Adult Education Survey was conducted throughout Europe between October 2016 and March 2017. It collected information on the learning activities of the Austrian resident population of prime working age, i.e. between 25 and 64 years. The Austrian survey questioned 5,620 people.

Statistics Austria (Ed.) (2018): Erwachsenenbildung 2016-2017, Ergebnisse der AES. Vienna: Verlag Österreich, ISBN: 978-3-903106-90-1


Evaluation of educational measures for young refugees in the field of adult education

The publication "Evaluation der Bildungsmaßnahmen für junge Geflüchtete im Bereich Erwachsenenbildung" (in German only) by the Institute for Advanced Studies analyses the successes and challenges of these measures, which took place between 2016 and 2018 and were sponsored by the BMBWF. The target group consisted of 15 to 19-year-old asylum seekers with basic educational needs who did not attend school and did not participate in any other programmes (Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) measures or federal state initiatives).


PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies

This international study investigates and records basic skills – reading skills, general mathematical skills and digital skills – in people between the ages of 16 and 65.


Knowledge-based adult education

Detailed information about current developments and the history of adult education in Austria