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Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Our children and young people need the best teachers to give them the best training. They are decisive for a good education. The education system attaches great importance to training and continuing education of our teachers. The upgrading ordinance for attainment of a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree aligns the earlier teaching courses with the university colleges of teacher education Bachelor’s degree courses. This opens up new opportunities for our teachers to obtain further qualifications. I attach great importance to first-class teachers for our schools. Creating equality between teaching professions is an important step in this direction.

Since January 2013, graduates of earlier teacher training courses at the institutions which preceded the university colleges of teacher education have been able to attain the title of Bachelor of Education (BEd) by passing the extra-occupational upgrade course.

Why upgrade?

Requalifying with a Bachelor of Education opens up new opportunities for further studies to teachers who took previous teacher training courses.

Who can upgrade?

The upgrade course is designed to be a university further training and continuing education course for teachers according to section 52f (2) of the 2005 Higher Education Act. The admission criteria are completion of a six-semester teacher training course, or a teacher training course of lesser duration and an additional teaching post, or completion of subject-relevant education in the field of vocational pedagogy and/or professional practice and active employment as a teacher.

Where can I take the course?

Your application for admission can be submitted to any university college of teacher education in Austria, provided that the university college of teacher education in question offers the appropriate course.

How many ECTS points is the course worth?

The upgrade course is worth a total of 39 ECTS points, with 30 ECTS being acquired through lectures and 9 ECTS through a written Bachelor’s thesis. Qualifications from further training and continuing education, management activities, project management or relevant publications are credited with up to 30 ECTS points. Academic works can be credited as a Bachelor’s thesis if their content complies with the requirements for such a work.

Which documents are required?

  1. Certificate(s) for the teacher training course completed
  2. The completed competence portfolio (online at (in German only)

Information and enrolment

Further information and enrolment forms can be found on the website.


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