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Austrian Centres

When the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research started its ambitious program to promote Austrian and Central European studies in other parts of the world in the 1970s with the foundation of the „Center for Austrian Studies“ at the University of Minnesota, nobody could foresee the exceptional success of this initiative.

The now existing „Austrian Centers“ were founded at different times, with different focuses and different structures. They work closely together with Austria. Their common aim is the scientific focal point on Austria and Central Europe. These centers have proven a great significance not only for students of the host nations who are eager to study in foreign countries and get in touch with the local cientific community. They conduct valuable research not only on the history of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and its successor states but also on the contemporary history of Central Europe.

Since 2007 an annual convention has stimulated the networking of the centers  and the prepraring of future common projects. Selected PhD students of the centers present papers connected to their thesis at this convention. They have therefore the chance to discuss these papers with the other students and the professors and to get qualified feedback. The Viennese Center publishes the annual proceedings in „Europa Orientalis“

Nowadays centers are situated in