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Hebrew University 

Center for Austrian Studies

Established 2001 as a joint initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, and the Friends of the Hebrew University in Austria, the Center for Austrian Studies promotes Austrian studies and culture in Israel across disciplines in the humanities, the social sciences, and law establishes and fosters contacts between Israeli and Austrian scholars and students through symposia, lectures, and workshops on Austrian topics supports research projects on interdisciplinary Central European area studies with an Austrian core reaches out to students, scholars, and a community of non-academics, to emphasise Austria’s role in the EU gives special emphasis to the role of the city of Vienna as a cultural factor in European history and to the spiritual  and material legacy of the Jewish population of the Habsburg Empire and its multifaceted contribution to European culture.



Gili S. Drori, Director
Center for Austrian Studies
Faculty of Humanities
Rooms 6203-4
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 9190501
T +972-2-5881969