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Digital/media literacy

Within the framework of the Austrian Youth Strategy, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research is implementing the following Youth Goal:

Youth Goal

Enhance and strengthen young people's digital literacy and qualifications and their media skills in the classroom so that they leave the education system with those skills that enable them to use technology.

Technological progress and increasing digitisation across all areas of social activity are giving rise to far-reaching change processes in the entire education system. The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) is to create framework conditions so that young people can use technologies in a competent and thoughtful manner, understand and critically evaluate media content and communicate in a range of contexts in order to fully participate in society and exploit their potential in education and training as well as in their professional lives.

A reality check has been carried out. This Youth Goal contributes to the following European Youth Goals:

  • #4 Information and Constructive Dialogue
  • #7 Quality Employment for All
  • #8 Quality Learning
  • #9 Space and Participation for All

Further information

Measures to implement the Youth Goal

A description of the initial measures will be announced in autumn 2021.

Contact details

Martin Bauer and Sonja Hinteregger-Euller
Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Minoritenplatz 5
1010 Vienna