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The UK will leave the EU by 31 January 2020 at the latest. If the withdrawal agreement has been ratified by then, there will be a regulated Brexit with a transitional period until 31 December 2020, in which EU law will continue to apply.
If this does not succeed, there will be an unregulated Brexit without an exit agreement, the so-called "no-deal".
In the following, the key questions that arise in connection with a "no-deal" Brexit in the area of  education and research will be answered.

Can I continue my studies in the UK?

Yes, it will still be possible to study in the United Kingdom. However, it is currently uncertain whether the UK will introduce changes for EU citizens with regard to the access to education and study conditions.

Will I lose my student grant from Austria when I study in the UK?

No. Austria will amend the Studienförderungsgesetz, allowing the receipt of a mobility grant for a (complete) course of studies in the UK after the withdrawal date. The UK is to be added to the list of countries eligible for a mobility grant in the future.

I am a British citizen. Can I study at an Austrian university? Can I attend a school in Austria?

Yes. After the date of withdrawal, British applicants have to possess not only the general university entrance qualification, but also the study-specific admission requirements. In addition, it must be proven that the applicant is entitled to immediate admission to study in the state issuing the document certifying the general university entrance qualification. It is not necessary to prove a university place. If the course of study aspired in Austria is not established in the state issuing the document, the study-specific admission requirements have to be fulfilled with regard to a course of study established in the state issuing the document which is technically most closely related to the course of studies aspired in Austria.
Education law does not take account of citizenship with regard to access to education. As a consequence, the “No deal” will not result in any change in this field.

Will my degree awarded by a British university continue to be recognised in Austria? Will my professional qualification obtained in the UK be recognised in Austria?

Trainings and academic degrees which are already recognised and were obtained at a British educational establishment continue to be valid in Austria and in the EU after the withdrawal date.
However, after the date of withdrawal, qualifications obtained at a British educational establishment can no longer be recognised as previously under EU law.
From this date, certificates of a British educational establishment granting access to a profession have to be validated as equivalent. Only then, graduates of British educational establishments can apply for access to a regulated profession according to the Austrian professional regulations.

Will my degree awarded by an Austrian university or my professional qualification obtained in Austria continue to be recognised in the UK?

The EU Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications is no longer applicable in the United Kingdom. As a consequence, the recognition in the UK will be based on British law in the future. However, the British government agencies promised on several occasions that there should be no disadvantages for EU citizens in this field.

I am a British citizen studying at an Austrian university. Will I have to pay higher tuition fees than before?

Yes. After the date of withdrawal, British students will be subject to the provisions for third country nationals with regard to the tuition fees at universities and Universities of Education (726.72 Euro per semester).
Due to the principle of free tuition at public schools, there will be no changes for pupils at schools.

Will I lose my educational grant (education allowance / study grant) as a British citizen in Austria?

It is expected that the existing equal treatment of British citizens with regard to study grants will be maintained until the end of the funded studies, therefore maintaining the receipt of support.
If the application for study support is filed after the withdrawal, the entitlements to study grants and entitlements to school allowance and/or accommodation allowance for British citizens will exist only if they have acquired a permanent right of residence in Austria according to Directive 2003/109/EC, or if they are family members of a Union citizen exercising his/her right to free movement, and are entitled to equal treatment.
It is also true for educational allowances that there is an entitlement to receive school allowance and/or accommodation allowance in the absence of these requirements if at least one parent was liable for income tax in Austria for a minimum of five years, and had the centre of his or her personal relationships in Austria.

Will the UK remain part of Erasmus+ and of Horizon 2020?

No. After the withdrawal date, the UK will no longer be part of the European Erasmus+ programme. It is possible that the United Kingdom participates in this EU programme as a non-EU member state (like Norway or Turkey for example). However, this can be regulated in a special contract only after the withdrawal. The same applies for the EU Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

What will happen to my Erasmus+ project with an institution in the UK, or with my Erasmus+ application for a stay in the UK?

In case of a „no deal“ withdrawal, the UK ceases to be part of the Erasmus+ programme. The EU adopted measures to avoid the disruption of ongoing Erasmus+ learning mobility activities involving the United Kingdom. The Commission also set up a FAQ site.
A possible future programme participation of the UK will be part of negotiations on the future relationship of the UK with the EU after a withdrawal.
The Austrian National Agency (OeAD-GmbH) supports and advises beneficiaries and participants on all issues relating to Brexit. The National Agency also set up a hotline: +43 1 53408-555

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