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Student grants

Support options are available in Austria for students who are at a financial disadvantage; we provide an overview below.

First and foremost, financially disadvantaged students have access to government student grants. In addition to these, other support is available – including from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF).

Student grant measures under the Student Support Act

The Student Support Act (in German only) sets out a range of possible funding sources for degree programme students from Austria (and in some circumstances from elsewhere). These are intended to make it easier to finance studying at university.

Overview of funding sources under the Student Support Act

  • All aid under the Student Support Act (with the exception of merit-based awards and stipends) require the student to be worthy of support based on their personal circumstances, and to supply proof that they are successfully continuing to study.
  • The Austrian Student Support Authority website provides information on the precise requirements for individual support measures and all the information needed to apply for these (addresses, deadlines, forms etc.), which can be done online.
  • The Austrian Student Support Authority has set up Grants Desks (Stipendienstellen) at all major universities and is responsible for allocating such aid (with the exception of merit-based awards and grants/stipends).

Further support for students

The Austrian government helps with student funding through the mechanisms in the Student Support Act, and in other ways. Other public and private institutions also allocate allowances and awards, some to the student themselves and some to their parents.

These include:

In some cases of hardship, the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) will provide financial support from the ÖH Social Fund.
The Austrian National Union of Students can also provide students with information and support about accommodation and student halls of residence.
For a comprehensive overview of grants and possible support for higher education, see this online database

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