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Health through the promotion of social and emotional skills

Within the framework of the Austrian Youth Strategy, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research is implementing the following Youth Goal:

Youth Goal

Promote social and emotional skills and make school a safe place to learn supports the psychosocial health of young people.

Experiences of violence at school have long-term effects. Pupils who are victims of violent attacks by their classmates are often still dealing with the consequences years later. These experiences have an impact on mental health and life satisfaction. A positive environment that curbs aggressive behaviour and discrimination, addresses the issue of violence, does not leave children and young people alone with their fears and fantasies and offers support and help has a preventive effect in this regard. The aim is to create a school environment for all children and youths that makes them feel safe. A climate of tolerance and appreciation should prevail in which they can grow up to be independent, responsible adults.

A reality check has been carried out. This Youth Goal contributes to the following European Youth Goals:

  • #5 Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • #8 Quality Learning

Further information

Measures to implement the Youth Goal

A description of the initial measures will be announced in autumn 2021.

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Beatrix Haller
Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Minoritenplatz 5
1010 Vienna