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Gender equality and diversity

The school sector is characterised by a high level of diversity and differentiation. Against this backdrop, the challenge is to help all young people reach their full potential, regardless of their gender and social background, in order to boost their chances of participating in society and the labour market. In addition to targeted support measures, appropriate inclusive teaching and learning settings, and the provision of all-day school and childcare, the development of gender and diversity competencies at all levels is a pivotal factor. 

Gender equality in schools

Achieving gender equality in schools would mean that gender would not be a key determinant in the development of skills, the expression of self-image or in further education pathways. However, analyses show that gender attribution processes and expectations continue to lead to existing potential not being fully utilised or developed. As a result, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) is taking appropriate measures at various levels. 
Gender equality in schools (in German only)

Gender equality at university colleges of teacher education

In terms of gender equality issues, managing university colleges of teacher education involves a wide range of activities: on the one hand, the focus is on establishing structures to strengthen key players at the colleges in the field of gender equality work; on the other hand, measures are put in place to develop gender and diversity competence at all levels.
Gender equality at university colleges of teacher education (in German only)