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All-day school types

There are various types of all-day schooling that are referred to by different names. Click here to find out the benefits of all-day schooling for pupils and legal guardians, whether day care in school, afternoon care, as separate or linked all-day schooling, or after-hours care. You will also learn who can look after your children in schools which provide care all day, how care is embedded in the curriculum and the quality criteria that apply. As a school provider you can find information here about Federal Government requirements and who to contact in the federal states.


give – health education service point (in German only) 
This service point has produced documents on promoting health in full-time school settings. Childcare (in German only)

Boards of Education 

The new secondary school (in German only)

Reduction in care fees at all-day state Schools (in German only)
Click here for the terms on which you can obtain a discount on fees for day care in academic secondary school lower cycles and the latest application forms. For the compulsory school sector, please contact the school provider or the Board of Education in the respective federal state.