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Responsible Science

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) launched the Alliance for Responsible Science in June 2015 to encourage the development of the Responsible Science concept in Austria.
Numerous institutions from the realms of science, research, education and actual practice joined this alliance, setting the goal of overcoming current challenges more effectively and in harmony with the values, expectations and needs of society.

The Alliance for Responsible Science seeks to anchor this concept in Austria and especially in Austrian scientific institutions, as outlined in the Action Plan for a Competitive Research Area (2015). The goal is, among other things, to advance cultural change in the Austrian landscape of science, education and actual practice. The alliance currently has 44 member institutions.

It is run by the Centre for Citizen Science located at the Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD). The centre serves as a contact and coordination point for all existing members and other interested institutions.
The Alliance for Responsible Science website lists all the Alliance members and describes pilot projects.


Centre for Citizen Science
at the Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD)
Ebendorferstrasse 7, 1010 Vienna
T +43 1 53408 430