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Austrian Research and Technology Report

Brief overview of the Research and Technology Report, its legal basis and how often it is published.

The Austrian Research and Technology Reports must be compiled annually and focus on the current topics of national and international research and technology. They analyse current developments and trends and prepare extensive data on research and development as well as special priority topics.

The legal basis for compiling the Research and Technology Reports can be found in the Research Organisation Act (FOG), Federal Law Gazette No. 341/1981. Pursuant to section 8 (1) of the FOG, the respective Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research in consultation with the respective Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology must present the National Council with a status report by 1 June of each year about the research, technology and innovation in Austria financed by federal funds the previous year. Pursuant to section 8 (2) of the FOG, the Federal Government is required to issue a comprehensive report to the National Council on the research, technology and innovation needs in Austria every three years.



FTB 2020-german (PDF, 4 MB)
Factsheet FTB 2020-german (PDF, 419 KB)

FTB 2020-english (PDF, 3 MB)
Factsheet FTB 2020-englisch (PDF, 407 KB)


FTB 2019-german (PDF, 4 MB)
FTB 2019-english (PDF, 4 MB)


FTB 2018-german (PDF, 3 MB)
FTB 2018-english (PDF, 3 MB)


FTB 2017-german (PDF, 2 MB)
FTB 2017-english (PDF, 15 MB)


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