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Key educational documents

Under the new agreement pursuant to Article 15a B-VG between the Federal Government and the federal states on early childhood education for the 2018/19 to 2021/22 kindergarten years, the focus is on strengthening early childhood education institutions in their role as a child’s first education institution, on supporting children’s holistic development with an emphasis on promoting language development, and on educating and caring for children in accordance with nationally coordinated, empirically supported teaching concepts, taking particular account of the child’s age and his/her individual abilities and needs.

In order to ensure that quality standards in early childhood education are as consistent as possible across Austria, standardised key educational documents have been defined nationwide. These documents must be used and implemented by the relevant early childhood education institutions.

These include the following documents (all in German only): 

1) Nationwide Education Framework Plan for early childhood education institutions in Austria

This contains educational areas for high-quality teaching in early childhood education institutions.

 2) Supporting language development in the transition from kindergarten to primary school

This guide forms the basis for supporting and documenting individual language-related educational processes.

3) Module for the final year in early childhood education institutions. In-depth additional information on the Nationwide Education Framework Plan

This module focuses on the acquisition of basic skills to support the transition to school.

 4) Living values, developing values. Helping to develop values in kindergarten

This guide focuses on teaching the basic values of Austrian society in a child-friendly form. 

5) Children in the year before starting school. A guide for parents and childminders looking after children at home

This contains practical guidance for child-friendly educational work when children are being looked after at home or by a childminder in the final, compulsory year of kindergarten.

Moreover, additional key documents may be drawn up during the agreement period, the use of which will also be compulsory.