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Educational cooperation

In an increasingly networked world, international partnerships in education are becoming more numerous and are making an important contribution to the development of societies committed to democratic values, to social cohesion and to the building of sustainable and competitive economic systems. Today, Austria has many opportunities for cross-border cooperation at bilateral, regional and multilateral level. 
The BMBWF has numerous partnerships with countries and regions of strategic relevance for Austria and Europe. For many years, the Ministry has focused on regional educational cooperation with the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, especially in the Western Balkans. In particular, this work takes the form of strategic networking and regional partnerships as well as participation in European initiatives.
Bilateral educational cooperation is of particular importance. Visits at the political level, an intensive exchange of ideas between experts, institutional partnerships and joint projects provide a valuable impetus for the education systems of participating countries. 

These cooperative initiatives are supported by formal inter-governmental agreements, e.g. cultural agreements, memoranda of understanding and joint declarations.  

Against the background of the further development of education policy frameworks in Austria, Europe and globally, the BMBWF participates in international discussions of education issues within multilateral organisations. These activities at multilateral level generate important synergies for the national education sector. Language policy issues are discussed here alongside questions relating to the implementation of the UN sustainability goals up to 2030, development cooperation and improvement of the quality and effectiveness of education systems.