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Basic data on the Austrian school system

Educational statistics represent an important basis for constant education system redevelopment, for quality assurance and for an evidence-based education policy.

The bilingual series of publications titled Zahlenspiegel/Statistical Guide are a useful source of information for anyone interested in the subject of education, as a result of the clear format for key statistical data from the school system, university colleges of teacher education and adult education.

Statistical Guide 2017 (PDF)

The data for the Austrian school system’s Statistical Guide is always compiled by the BMBWF in the following year, in cooperation with Statistics Austria.

The 2018 Statistical Guide will be available provisionally by the end of 2019.

Graphic representation of the Austrian education system

Austrian Education System (PDF)

Visit School Statistics Publications for further publications (in German only).

An up-to-date directory of Austrian schools can be found at (in German only).

On the Statistics Austria website you will find a School Atlas, in German only, where all the schools are marked on a map of Austria. By zooming in and clicking you can also display some information about the individual schools.
N.B.: The atlas has limited compatibility with some browsers, such as Internet Explorer.

A complete overview, with ordering options, can be found in the Publications Directory (in German only).

System of school types (Statistical directory of types of school in Austrian education) (in German only)