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Bologna Process

The Bologna Process makes a major contribution to europeanising and internationalising Austrian higher education. The focus is on increasing our competitiveness in a European and global context by promoting the mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching university staff.

The Higher Education Mobility Strategy

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) announced the Higher Education Mobility Strategy for the promotion of transnational mobility at Austrian universities, universities of applied sciences and private universities (HMS) in 2016 to promote academic mobility.

Projects to support higher education

The BMBWF has also been working very successfully with the Bologna Service Point at the OeAD GmbH for several years now to implement Erasmus+ projects providing a wide range of advice, training and information to Austrian universities in the context of implementing the Bologna objectives.

Stakeholders in the Bologna Process

One way in which the Bologna Process is implemented in Austria is to enshrine the Bologna objectives in Austrian law. If the Bologna objectives are to be implemented successfully and efficiently, it is also necessary to involve all stakeholders at all levels of the Austrian higher education industry. Within Europe, Austria has one of the best-conceived and structured Bologna implementation structures. This allows us to feed the positions of all stakeholders involved with higher education into the implementation process.

Reports – transparent implementation

In order to represent the state of implementation as transparently as possible, the Austrian higher education sector publishes a regular National EHEA Implementation Report, as well as publishing the Bologna Implementation Report regularly at European level. In addition, unidata contains comprehensive statistical evaluations of the current situation in the Austrian higher education industry (in German only).



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