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Grants and aid

The BMBWF’s social aid system comprises several tools intended to help pupils to attend school in the event of social need and to alleviate social hardship. These include grants according to the Pupils Grant Act 1983 (Schülerbeihilfengesetz 1983) (school and accommodation grants, school grants for pupils in employment, including extraordinary support from the hardship fund (section 20a Pupils Grant Act 1983), financial assistance with participation in school events and reduction of care fees/care and overnight accommodation fees according to the Ordinance by the Federal Minister for Education and Culture on fees for boarding schools and full-day schooling (Verordnung des Bundesministers für Unterricht und Kunst über Beiträge für Schülerheime und ganztägige Schulformen).

You can find information, guides and application forms in the grants section on this website.

Pupil grants 

Free pupil and apprentice travel

Overview (in German only)

Project funding

Education Development Fund for Health and Sustainable Development (in German only)

School textbook programme

School textbook programme (in German only)

Study grants

Austrian Study Grant Authority

Austrian Public Employment Service grant

Austrian Public Employment Service’s Qualified Employees’ Grant 

Aid in general

Legal basis

General guidelines for award of aid from federal funds (ARR 2014), as amended (in German only)

Grants for school and education-related projects (activities)

The signed application form and the “Standardised job description” (“Standardisierte Arbeitsplatzbeschreibung”) form, as applicable, plus all other supporting documents, must be completed and sent to the funding body for grant applications.

Application form (PDF) (in German only)
(If you have problems opening the form, we recommend downloading a local copy so you can open it and complete it.)

General grant conditions (PDF) (in German only)

Grant calculation guidelines (PDF) (in German only)

Standardised job description form (PDF) (in German only)
If requesting financing for personnel expenses

Version 9.0 or higher of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to use the PDF form.

Adult education grants - grants