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Adult education

The EU Erasmus+ programme covers the areas of education, training, youth and sport and runs from 2014-2020.

In the field of adult education, Erasmus+ supports cross-border cooperation between adult education institutions and institutions related to adult education. The aim is to improve the quality of adult education in Europe. In addition, the programme funds periods of teaching and learning abroad for individuals involved in adult education.

Placements abroad for adult education staff and other adult education personnel. There are two options: the funding of professional development activities and the funding of placements abroad as part of strategic partnerships.

Erasmus+ for adult education institutions and their partner institutions: Strategic partnerships (in German only) are cross-border collaborations involving a minimum of three institutions from three different countries with the aim of learning from each other, as well as working together to develop, test and implement new learning and teaching methods in adult education.

The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD GmbH) has been set up as the national agency with responsibility for implementing and administering the education component of Erasmus+. The National Agency for Erasmus+ Education at OeAD-GmbH (in German only) supports Erasmus+ in Austria and offers advice and information to applicants.