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Spin-Off Fellowships programme

Spin-off Fellowships is a funding programme aimed at innovative individuals with entrepreneurial spirit. It enables them to continue developing their invention at their university or research institution for as long as 18 months to a point where they can then start a business. This arrangement allows salaries to be paid and ensures access to academic infrastructures for up to 18 months, enabling researchers to devote their time exclusively to the development of their business ideas. Fifteen projects have been started since the programme began in September 2017. A total of 15 million euros will be made available by 2020.

Spin-offs yield major benefits to the economy and society while also bringing about important gains for universities and research institutions. Spin-offs are instrumental for advancing scientific knowledge because they encourage the rise of new disciplines, also across different specialised areas.

As a result of spin-offs, the value chain shifts closer to universities and research institutions geographically. The advantage of this proximity is that synergies in academic settings can be used even more effectively.

This funding programme is managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

For more detailed information on the programme and calls for applications, please visit the website of the FFG.