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International education

The BMBWF’s international and cross-border educational cooperation is of paramount importance for Austrian foreign policy, international cooperation, for the Austrian education system and Austrian society as a whole.

The Erasmus+ school education programme, for example, allows kindergarten and school teachers and pupils to experience periods of residence abroad for teaching and learning purposes. The cooperation organised by Austria’s “weltweit unterrichten” (“teaching worldwide”) programme is geared to teachers and trainee teachers who would like to gain teaching experience abroad. In addition to actively cooperating on and promoting the European Education Area, the BMBWF also makes a significant contribution to the politics of remembrance and prevention of antisemitism.

In the course of education monitoring, the BMBWF also records the school “system” in order to obtain a detailed picture of the current situation and quality of the school system. The BMBWF uses various education monitoring tools (e.g. PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, TALIS, PIAAC, … and others) to achieve this.

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