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Life Sciences

The field of life sciences encompasses the scientific disciplines dealing with structures and processes of living creatures. It includes these subjects, among others: biology, molecular biology, medicine, biomedicine, medical technology, bioengineering, biochemistry, pharmacology, biophysics, bioinformatics, human biology, nutritional sciences, food research and veterinary medicine.

Over the past two decades, the life sciences have become a highly dynamic and innovative area of research whose new knowledge contributes to progress for human beings, animals and the environment. This trend has come about not least because of the rapid advances in methodology and technology, such as high-throughput sequencing methods.

Austria is an active, successful and internationally visible location for research in the life sciences. It is characterised by a multi-layered range of university and non-university research institutions. Tertiary education in the life sciences, medicine, veterinary medicine and health care is provided by 17 universities and 14 universities of applied sciences and by six major non-university research institutions.

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) assumes the national and also international task of strategically coordinating research policy measures and activities at different levels. Its aim is to create the best possible framework conditions for the development of Austria as a location for research in the life sciences. It also seeks to strengthen and further expand international competitiveness and excellence.


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