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Regional economic policy for science and research

  • Universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions provide international knowledge to their own local areas. They educate and train highly qualified skilled labour for the economy and society and are magnets for innovation and creativity. As lead institutions, they shape and change their regions.
  • International collaboration and competition are two strengths of our scientific institutions. International success is primarily reflected in the institutions being strongly positioned, networked and anchored with partners in research and business at their own location, in their own region.
  • In cooperation with other research sites and in tandem with the leading business enterprises in the region, our universities lay excellent groundwork for innovations and societal advances but also create an attractive environment for investments.
  • The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) supports Austria’s scientific institutions in building up their strategic competence and profile as research locations. We channel public investments into scientific research and back our institutions in their efforts to actively shape their environment as attractive partners.



Regional Development Policy
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