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In response to the dynamic development of research, technology and innovation in several Asian countries, most notably China, India and South Korea, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) is carrying out priority actions on a bilateral and multilateral basis with the countries and regions outlined below. The OeAD manages the promotion of scientific & technological cooperation (S&T) based on bilateral agreements or memoranda of understanding.


Asia’s dynamic growth is especially prominent in science and research. China in particular is striving to assume the role of global leader in these fields through enormous investments as well as national and international development programmes. Cooperation with China is therefore of vital significance. There are many direct cooperation relationships between Austrian and Chinese universities and research institutions such as the Austrian Academies of Sciences. In addition, the BMBWF runs a bilateral funding programme with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) involving bilateral Scientific & Technological Cooperation aimed at further stimulating research cooperation. Under the bilateral intergovernmental agreement on scientific and technological cooperation signed in 1984, the BMBWF and MOST have been funding cooperation among researchers from both countries on joint projects for more than 30 years. 

The OeAD runs a cooperation office in Shanghai, which provides advice, promotes and supports education, science and research between China and Austria. It also helps Chinese higher education in their search for partners in Austria.  


In recent years, India has become substantially more significant as a production location and a sales market in the global economic system. Over that same period, Indian research institutions have moved to top spots in international rankings, underscoring the important role India plays in science and research. In response to this development, the BMBWF is taking strategic actions to intensify bilateral and multilateral cooperation on research.

The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Austria and the Government of the Republic of India on Scientific & Technological Co-operation signed in 2007 to help Austrian researchers to build up contacts and project partnerships with Indian research institutions. Under this agreement, the two countries draw up multi-annual work programmes to set joint research priorities and conduct calls for proposals on bilateral research projects. 

South Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s leading nations in research and innovation. To enhance cooperation between Austrian and South Korean research institutions through a bilateral cooperation programme, the BMBWF signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT in February 2019. Under the MoU, Austrian and South Korean researchers are provided with funding to cover travel and accommodation expenses incurred while conducting bilateral research projects.